When is Buoyancy utilized?

Buoyancy elements consist of a material that has a lower weight than the liquid it is to be immersed into. The result is that the material floats and lifts the cargo upwards, preventing it from sinking. In what situations is Buoyancy utilized? Buoyancy elements can be used in many cases, surrounding everything from tools and pipelines to remote controlled submarines and much more.

Long experience with Buoyancy elements

Ever since 1995, we have produced buoyancy elements for different purposes. After many years in the industry, we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience within the area, making us qualified to assist you with buoyancy for almost anything! The elements are produced in our CNC controlled 5 axial milling machine, whereas the 3D models are received from the customer. The elements are thereby milled out with the specifications given by you, making sure to include every detail you need.

Surface treatment and maintenance

In order to make the buoyancy elements resistant to rough treatment, the surface can be treated with PUR, fiberglass armor, 2 component paint or a combination during production.

Are the buoyancy elements starting to look a bit torn down? Since the buoyancy elements are prone to minor damages during operation, it can also be necessary to carry out maintenance and in some circumstances replace parts of the buoyancy element in order to obtain its durability. If this is the situation, let us help you. We can repair and coat wherever necessary.

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