Coating of tanks

Coating of tanks

Need some help with tanks in new facilities? Or perhaps the old tanks need some maintenance? We have long experience with renovation, sandblasting and coating of tanks and vessels. Throughout the years, we have had many successful renovations for different customers. Even the tanks that we coated back in 1970 are still looking just as good today.

Full restoration of tanks and vessels

We often see tanks in composite, steel, concrete and other materials that could use some help. In many cases there might be that the strength is still there, but the inner part has started to etch or peel off. If that is the case, we can perform a full restoration.

During a restoration we will in most cases sandblast the tank, lay a new layer of strength based on calculations in regard to what is necessary and thereby make sure to put in place a new inner layer. In the end we also use a top coat to prolong its durability.

How often a tank or vessel is in need of a new round of coating, depends on the remedies within. Chemicals and gas is what eventually will tear on the inner part, and because of this it is important to take into consideration what the tank og vessels contain during the initial coating.

Inspection of tanks and vessels

We also offer inspection of tanks and vessels. The inspection often requires testing of the tank or vessel. The test will then determine what needs to be done. Normally a test can be done by cutting out a part of the existing construction to see how much strength is left. The test is then sent to a laboratorium which analyzes how much is left of the strength.

Build in existing vessel

During restoration of an older vessel, it might be that the existing construction is originally made out of tiles. If this is the case, we can either tear the whole thing down and build a whole new vessel, or we can build a new vessel in the existing one. Whatever is left of the remaining vessel can therefore be taken into consideration when calculating for how much strength you need. This also means you do not have to tear down the entire thing.

Additional products

We would also like to make you aware that we can provide you with ladders, platforms, railings and cable gates in fiberglass, which upholds the demands from you as the customer. Everything is also done accordingly to the demands of the offshore industries in regard to this type of installation.

The benefits of choosing fiberglass are many! For instance, you minimize the weight, it is not too expensive and you will never have to worry about corrosion.

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