Throughout the years we have secured a solid foundation for working with thermoplastics. This is rooted in having done a lot of different jobs in both Norway and abroad.

Certified crew working with thermoplastics

The size of the task has varied to a large degree, alternating from DN 25mm to DN 1000mm. All of this has contributed to the valuable experience we now hold within the company. Today we have all the equipment and tools necessary to get the job done, as well as a certified crew that always delivers top quality and does the job with high precision. We have certified crews within all of the different welding methods available for thermoplastics. Out of these, the most used thermoplastics we work with are: PVFD, PP, PE and PVC.

We can also help with inspections of all thermoplastic products such as pipes, pipelines, tanks and vessels.

Pipes that last longer

We can also deliver and mount reinforcement in the form of fiberglass for PP pipes, whereas the inner part is coated with PP, and the outside is strengthened with fiberglass. The joints are firstly welded together, and from there the right amount of glass fiber is added to the pipes. The result is pipes that are strengthened and thereby will endure more.

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