Composite pipes

Composite pipes

Since the beginning in 1972, Hurum Plastindustri has been a leading supplier of composite pipes to the landbased industry, as well as the offshore industry, which began in the 1990s. This has provided us with valuable knowledge within the field, gathered over many years. We pre-manufacture and mount the various pipe types according to the demands from the producers as well as your inquiries. This includes GRP, GRV and GRE pipes.

All you need for your composite pipes

Our previous job tasks have taken place both within the country and abroad, with a high degree of varied tasks, as well as complexity. During our time we have produced and delivered everything from DN 25 mm and up to DN 2400 mm. You can be certain that we have all equipment and tools necessary to ensure that the work that is being done is top quality and carried out with high precision. For instance, we can provide multiple types of shaver machines, as well as a 20ft curing oven, if required.

Premanufactured pipelines

We can also help with premanufacturing of pipelines in order to keep the hold of the operation to a minimum during installation.

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We also deliver and mount fiber glass armed PP pipes, whereas the inner part is coated with PP, and the outside is strengthened with fiberglass. Firstly the joints are welded together before a decent amount of fiberglass are added to the pipes, giving the pipes more strength and better durability.

Additional products

We can also provide you with ladders, platforms, railings and cable gates in fiberglass, which upholds the demands from you as the customer. Everything is also done according to the demands of the offshore industries in regard to this type of installation.

The benefits of choosing fiberglass are many! For instance, you minimize the weight, it is not too expensive and you will never have to worry about corrosion.

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